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Thanks for stopping by our place on the web. Oak Hill is a quiet, small community in Southeastern Ohio where most people know each other on a first name basis. It is a great place to raise children with a "top-notch" School System.

Our goal is that this site will serve as an interactive tool for the citizens of Oak Hill.

The following are just a few examples of which we hope to keep you informed.

1. Breaking News stories that concern the Oak Hill community.

2. Water breaks, boil advisories etc.

3. School closings.

4. Village project updates such as street paving's,  water line projects etc.

5. Extreme weather news - Snow storms, Flash flooding, Heat advisories etc.

Check out our links section above. We are always open to ideas.
Please let us know if there is any thing we can add to this site to make
it more informative for the citizens of Oak Hill.

Village of Oak Hill  415 North Front Street  Oak Hill, OH 45656
Email: OakHillMayor@yahoo.com
Phone: (740) 682-6301
Fax: (740) 682-3210
Oak Hill is a safe community thanks to the Police Department and the Madison Jefferson Volunteer Fire Department. It is not uncommon to see people pleasantly walking our streets, sidewalks and also the walking path in the Central Memorial Park. It is also a good place for the establishment or expansion of a small business.

Trash pickup will be delayed today, it may be after normal hours but all trash should be picked up.
We have a lot going on right now:
  A new roof is being installed on the Village office building, it should be completed by 4/18/16 weather permitting.
  Village workers are cleaning streets and curbs, we started on the main roads and will be working our way throughout the village. If you would like to clean the street and/or curbs along your property and place in piles, call the office and we can pick it up the next day.
  Tire Amnesty Day will be May 14th.

Beginning May 1st, water leak insurance will be availiable to all Oak Hill water customers. Leak Insurance will be $4.00 per month, and goes into effect 30 days after sign-up. Insurance covers water loss only.Damages and repairs are not covered. Water adjustments will no longer be made due to water leaks. Information and applications will be availiable May 1st. at the City building.

Effective April 1st, trash fees for business accounts and anyone renting a dumpster will increase.
Business- $15 per month dumpster fee, plus $20 per dump (in village limits), $20 per month dumpster fee, plus $25 per dump (outside village limits)

Individual dumpster rentals:
inside village limits, $20 rental, $30 dump fee.
outside village limits, $25 rental, $35 dump fee
( all individual dumpsters dumped a minimum every 2 weeks)